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Image by Jonathan Velasquez

Earth.Radio volunteer Podcaster Stage 2 - making a Pilot

Congratulations - you have passed stage 1! In order to see how well you can make a programme we invite you to submit a 20-40 minute Pilot programme.

For guides as to programme styles, content and please go to this Programme Guide.

If your Pilot is good enough we will put it up into the Pilot programming schedule, and invite you to become a regular contributor of podcast programmes to Earth.Radio and become a part of the change.

First confirm your email address please

Before you make your pilot, please read the guide.

We know you probably don't have professional microphones. That is ok. We fully expect almost everyone to simply use their smartphone.


  • put some books on a table and place your phone on them

  • make sure your phone is no more than 50 cm from your mouth (but not less than 20cm).

Which programme as you submitting as your Pilot?

Have you read the Programme Guide? (please find it here)
Please confirm the length of the Pilot you plan to submit (can be anywhere between (20 - 40 mins)
Which programme are you submitting today? (please select one programme per submission)?
What device did you use to record?
What device did you use to edit?
Who edited your Pilot?

We're excited about hearing your Pilot

Before you submit your pilot, listen to it to make sure the sound is good.

There are some good AI driven editors online. You can use your phone to edit and there is free software.

Uploading tip

  • the file must be an audio file, eg an mp3, or m4a to be accepted by the uploader

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