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Earth.Radio volunteer Podcaster Stage 1 - Application

Earth.Org is launching a global environmental radio station and podcast channel - Earth.Radio - to tell what is happening to our planet and what we can do about it.

Earth Radio is a non profit radio and podcasting channel to reach new audiences and encourage action for a sustainable, thriving society and healthy planet for future generations

To become as a Podcaster please compete this form

How many hours a month can you dedicate to making (research, travel, recording, editing) ER podcasts?

Select one to make

Which programme do you want to make (select all those that you would like to make)?
Have you made your own podcast or audio programmes before?
Please confirm that you understand that becoming a Podcaster on Earth radio does not involve any payment and is on a voluntary basis (and always will be)
Looking forward - for how many months do you think you can commit to being a volunteer podcaster on Earth Radio?

Now we'd like to hear how you sound

Using your mobile phone and Airpods or wired headphone, record yourself saying the following:

'Hi, my name is……………, I live in (city/country) .........and then explain in more than 30 seconds but less than 2 minutes, why you would like to make podcast programmes for Earth.Radio


- Try to make your speech natural and clear.

  • the file must be an audio file, eg an mp3, or m4a to be accepted by the uploader

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